We provide legal guidance and representation to clients who have suffered injuries in the workplace. We are experienced in helping clients to obtain benefits when they have been denied the appropriate care and compensation they deserve.

We seek to ensure that our clients receive the financial compensation they deserve. If you have been injured at work, we will advocate for fair and just recovery of medical expenses and lost wages as well as emotional pain and suffering.

The State of Washington has established rules and regulations for the administration of workers’ compensation benefits for employees injured in job-related accidents. Our attorneys are experienced in working with the agencies and systems involved in workers’ compensation claims.

We also represent employees who are covered by the Department of Labor and Industries State fund and employees of companies that are self-insured.

Third-Party Claims

We have experience in handling third-party claims involving clients receiving workers’ compensation resulting from an at-fault third party, such as in car accident cases.

Wrongful Termination because of Claim

We represent employees who have been wrongfully terminated because of workers’ compensation claims.

Employer Issues

If you have been sued by the Department of Labor and Industries for back premiums or for claim costs of non-employees, we can represent your interests.Contact The Law Office of Powell, Kuznetz & Parker, P.S. today.