Estate Planning & Probate Spokane, Washington, Attorneys

Estate Planning

The attorneys of The Law Office of Powell, Kuznetz & Parker, P.S. understand that every individual is unique and has specific estate planning needs. We are a family-oriented firm, which seeks to meet the unique estate planning goals of all families, including gay and lesbian couples and members of the LGBT community.

For comprehensive estate planning services from an experienced attorney, contact us today.We assist individuals, domestic partners, married couples, and families in eastern Washington and North Idaho in the following transactional estate planning matters:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Living Trusts
  • Community Property Agreements
  • Durable Powers Of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Domestic Partner Estate Planning

Probate Administration

We assist executors and administrators in estate administration and probate issues. We can help clients sort through any difficulties in identifying beneficiaries, probating wills, and defending against will contests. We also help potential beneficiaries challenge the validity of a will. Ideally, disputes are resolved without going to court. However, if litigation is the only solution, then we will be prepared to take the case to trial.

To consult with an estate planning and probate lawyer, contact The Law Office of Powell, Kuznetz & Parker, P.S. today.