Spokane, Washington, Employees’ Rights Lawyers

We assist employees in negotiating severance and non-compete contracts when leaving their current employment. If you are negotiating such an agreement or seeking to obtain a fair severance package from your employer Powell, Kuznetz and Parker can assist you.

You should understand the ramifications of any document before signing. We can review and negotiate the severance agreement or non-compete agreement, discuss your concerns and your goals, and determine the appropriate approach to achieving those goals.

If you have been offered a buyout in exchange for a release of claims against an employer as part of a severance agreement, we can assist you in reviewing the offer and negotiating the terms of the agreement.

In addition to reviewing and negotiating contracts and agreements, our attorneys can also prepare the necessary documents on your behalf to reflect your interests.

Without professional, legal support, you may be leaving yourself open to unreasonable, unlawful or discriminatory behavior by your employer. You can help to ensure that your rights and your interests are protected by working with a lawyer. Contact Powell, Kuznetz & Parker, P.S. today to discuss your employment law concerns with an attorney.

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